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Blast finishing, impact cleaning, and surface prep. Faster, cleaner, and more profitable.

Welcome to

130412A-0001 is the personal business website of Mark Hanna, who manages a regional sales territory for the Dawson-Macdonald Company.

I’m Mark Hanna.  My mission?  To make your blasting operations cleaner, safer, more reliable and productive.

With 30 years hands-on blasting experience – including machine design & applications engineering, marketing & sales, service & training – I can help you meet your toughest challenges.

This site was created to help you get the most out of blasting.  You’ll find a frank dialogue about its ins and outs – and we’ll air some things others don’t say.  I hope my experience will relieve you of many of the pitfalls I see every day.

This website is about helping the blasting community.  But, as a regional manager for the Dawson-Macdonald Company, it is also my job to show you how you can benefit from better blasting systems, media, and upgrades.  I am an expert on blast cabinets, walk-in blast rooms, and automatic systems.  I can help you with newer technologies such as dry ice blasting, Armex® bicarb blasting, slurry blasting, micro-blasting, laser stripping, blasting respirators, abrasive reclaimation and dust collection.

Dawson-Macdonald represents most of the leading brands in blasting and industrial air filtration, including Axxiom (Schmidt), Empire, Wet Technologies, Wheelabrator, Ruwac, Torit-Donaldson – and dozens of additional manufacturers. No company has our extensive background in the industry. And we service what we sell.

I welcome you to connect with me on LinkedIn at  And please come back to from time to time as the website fills out.


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